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IJCLRIS Paper publication Process :

The Publication Process Is Consisting With The Following Steps. The Ultimate Objectives Of This Process Are Quality. Full Process Will Be Completed Expected Within 3-5 Days.

  1. After Receiving The Manuscript We Will Send A Submission Of Acknowledgement E-Mail to The Author.
  2. Primary Quality Will Be Checked By The Editor.
  3. The Manuscript Will Be Sent For Double Blinded Review.
  4. Based On The Double Blinded Review Editor Will Take Decision And The Decision Will Be Communicated To The Author. Decisions Can Be Three Types Like Accepted Without Revision, Resubmit With Major/Minor Revisions, Rejected.
  5. After The Final Review Process If The Paper Will Accepted We Will Send A Payment Request To The Author.
  6. Author Need to Deposit Publication Fee after the Payment Request.
  7. Author Must Submit the Payment Proof, Final format of Manuscript and Author's Declaration Form.
  8. Publication Date Announced by Editor via Mail and will send the softcopy of certificate.
  9. Manuscript will be indexed on our various registered Open Access Databases.
  10. Paper willbe published at Mentioned date and then paper will open access for life time.

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