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IJCLRIS Volume 1 Issue 1 Research Papers:

Submitted Volume 1 Issue 1 Issue Research Papers

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Title : Morpho-Biochemical Responses to Salinity Tolerance of Phaseolus vulgaris L. Genotypes: I. Germination, Early Seedling and Vegetative Growth
Author : Soolmaz Ahmadian and Fereshteh Bayat
Pages Country Subject Category
1-17 Iran Agriculture & Natural Recourses Research Paper
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Title : Identification and the pattern of antibiotic resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in burn patients
Author : Mohsen Moghoofei,Hossein Fazeli, Shima Hadifar, Mansour Sedighi and Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei
Pages Country Subject Category
18-30 Iran Department of Virology Research Paper
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Title : Evaluation Of CD-69 Expression As A Prognosticator In Chronic Iymphocytic Leukemia
Author : Emad Abd El-mohsen Abd El-hadi,Amany Ahmed Osman,Yasmin Nabil El-Sakhawy,Emad Abd El-mohsen Abd El-hadi,Alyaa Ahmed El-Sherbeny
Pages Country Subject Category
31-50 Egypt Department of Internal Medicine Research Paper
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<-- 4 -->
Title : Study Of Susceptibility Patterns Of Clinical Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated From Patients With Otitis Media In Missan
Author : Hateet, R.R.
Pages Country Subject Category
51-61 Iraq Department of Biology Research Paper
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<-- 5 -->
Title : Serum leptin and Adiponectin Levels in de novo Acute myeloid Leukemia Patients: correlation with clinical characteristics
Author : Nahla Ahmad Bahgat Abdulateef,Mahmoud M Kamel,Omima Salaheldin, Mohamed Ghareeb
Pages Country Subject Category
62-77 Egypt Department of Clinical Pathology Research Paper
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<-- 6 -->
Title : Development of crop coefficient for rabi onion by field experimental method for Semiarid condition.
Author : Dr. R.G. Bhagyawant,Dr. S.D.Gorantiwar and Dr.S.D.Dahiwalkar
Pages Country Subject Category
78-89 INDIA Department of Agriculture Engineering Research Paper
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<-- 7 -->
Title : Role of Exercise in Diabetes.
Author : Tasneem Navagharwala
Pages Country Subject Category
90-103 INDIA Department of Foods Research Paper
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<-- 8 -->
Title : The effects of hypnosis Dental pain threshold.
Author : Anuroop Singhai, Swapnadeep Pannu, Saima Khan, Fareedi Mukram Ali
Pages Country Subject Category
104-112 INDIA Dental Research Research Paper
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<-- 9 -->
Title : Bioactivity of Previously Synthesized 2-{(E)-Hydroxyphenyl)imino] methyl}Phenol Schiff Base and its Metal Complexes
Author : P.Kavitha and B.R. Venkatraman
Pages Country Subject Category
113-149 INDIA Department of Chemistry Research Paper
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<-- 10 -->
Title : Prevalance, Risk Factors and Antimicrobial susceptibility of Beta Lactamase producing Enterobacteriacea
Author : R Boot
Pages Country Subject Category
150-158 Europe Department of Animal Microbiology Research Paper
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<-- 11 -->
Title : Improved Brain Tumor Detection Using Object Based Segmetation
Author : D. Arun kumar
Pages Country Subject Category
159-167 India Department of Electronics and Communication Research Paper
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